Is It Time To Get Yourself A Sex Doll With Artificial Intelligence?

The 21st century has been considered the era of technological advancement in all industries and this includes the adult toy and sex doll entertainment sector. Nowadays, the technological revolution of artificial intelligence is not only found in cars and appliances but love dolls as well. This type of doll combines the physical toy in its synthetic material form with technological sensors to stimulate the signs of human intelligence. While this can be exciting from an adult perspective, we need to ask if it is appropriate for all people. This article will discuss sex dolls with artificial intelligence and whether they are suitable for adults that crave a higher level of intimacy.

What Is A Sex Doll With Artificial Intelligence?

To explain the realistic sex doll with artificial intelligence, allow us to examine the latest adult toy called Bella. Bella is a “must-have” item that looks and sounds like a sexy woman with an expressive face and sexually provocative behavior. Her movements are coordinated as a reaction to the owner’s voice and interactions; for example, if you touch her breasts, she will laugh and ask you to touch her more and in other places.

It is true that the ability of a sex doll to respond to stimulation isn’t new technology, but Bella takes the response to interaction one step further. It seems that she not only appears to be a more lifelike sex doll but can learn words and behavior as a real man or woman would include asking you to touch her vulva. This could be considered a natural progression in male and female sex toys based on the advanced technology in other sectors, but when horny adults are involved, we must ask if Bella is more dangerous than beneficial.

How Does Bella Affect Horny Adults?

1. Affecting An Adult’s Emotional Attachment

One of the primary functions of adult toys is to stimulate your imagination and allow you to practice relationship-building skills with your silicone sex doll or TPE love doll. Based on reports by professional adult toy researchers, the Bella doll may be a good companion for horny adults, but it could also stifle a person’s creativity outside the bedroom. Dr. Erect Penis, a prolific psychoanalyst in the adult toy industry, indicated the significance of an adult’s emotional attachment to their sex dolls or “transitional object” as a method of reducing sexual stress when separated from their partner. By introducing an AI sex doll, the horny adult can find a companion, but will not attach any qualities of warmth to the love doll. This means that the sex toy will be an external object and not internalized as a transitional item.

2. A Case Of Deception

When playing with a non-AI sex doll, a horny adult man or woman is the active agent, and the adult toy will be a product of their imagination. Adults understand that the toy is not alive, but not everyone is created equal. According to psychiatrist Dr. Horny Cock, this ability to separate the sex toy from the human world helps the over-sexed adult distinguish the “real” from the “non-real.”

When introducing an AI sex doll into your bedroom, you may become deceived by how real he or she acts and this confusion between automation and human interaction is defined as “uncanny” by Dr. Cock. According to Professor Cherry Vagina, an MIT lecturer, horny men and women will eventually become,e socialized to consider automated beings as substitutes for human interaction. This will negatively influence their ability to interact with adults of the opposite sex that aren’t always up for some fun in the bedroom…